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Develop your Ideal Career Image

During the holiday season it’s amazing how even a few days break away from the office environment gives you time to think. A few days into the New Year, have you been reflecting on how happy you are with your … Continue reading

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How do I get listened to in Business Meetings?

In my last blog I talked about how to find your confident voice in meetings. But the next goal is to get heard and listened to in meetings. This is more difficult and can be very dependent on the group … Continue reading

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How do I find my confident voice in business meetings?

Picture yourself in a meeting with your peers and senior management. You are sitting round and the discussion is flowing and you are following every nuance and opinion. You clearly identify and agree with some and disagree with others. The … Continue reading

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Customer Intimacy is not just for Sales

Let me ask you a few questions: Who are your internal customers? What do they need from you? What do they want from you? Could you say what their key priority is right now? How much time do they want … Continue reading

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What are the most important skills to make it to FD?

You’ve worked hard in gaining your qualifications and building your experience. How can you be sure to get that FD role you are aspiring to? If you thought it was all about excellent technical skills and abilities of interpreting the … Continue reading

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