About FD in the Making™

FD in the Making™ has been designed by Rachel Fletcher, ACMA, who herself was many years an FD in the Making™.

It took Rachel only 2 years to pass her accountancy exams. But it took hours of extra work and another year for Rachel to get the experience required to qualify as a Chartered Management Accountant. After this was then the slow and frustrating climb of the corporate ladder began.

Rachel was not alone. She saw many talented accountants who qualified at the same time not able to rapidly climb into higher positions. It wasn’t through lack of effort, so there was obviously something missing. Some of the unwritten rules of building a successful corporate career were being kept secret from them.

Rachel spent years working in the most prestigious Blue Chip multi-national companies. She created a great peer network and became an expert in her area. A few years post qualification she still lacked the specific secret know-how to accelerate her role promotions.

She then started to work with trusted and experienced mentors who let her into some of these career development secrets. After then her career began to rapidly accelerate. One of her biggest breakthroughs came when she got a £20,000 pay rise and was able to ask for what she wanted in the new role.

After many years building her career in some of the best known global companies she finally understood what she needed to do and secured her own Financial Director role.

To ensure that Rachel offers the highest level support to her clients Rachel undertook an extensive 18 month Advanced Level Professional Executive Coaching Programme with the leading Executive Coaching providers the AOEC (Academy of Executive Coaching). As well as substantial theoretical review and practical application, Rachel was required to develop her own model of Coaching which she calls ‘Space to Think’. Read more about her Coaching model and how she could help you here.

FD in the Making™ draws on both Rachel’s personal experience, of colleagues and clients to build a comprehensive formula to accelerate your career.

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“Having an inspiring coach has helped build my confidence in dealing with many different situations”