Being Authentic in Business

Why would you want to be authentic? If you can be like someone else who is more beautiful, intelligent, interesting to do business with, why not pretend to be them? With all these trappings, a successful business career is yours to be had surely?

Here is the lie writ large. Adopting the trappings of others, sits on your shoulders like an ill-fitting suit. Somehow, it all looks a little large in the front or pinches across the back. It’s easy for anyone else looking at you, that what you are wearing does not quite work for you. The same also applies to wearing the identity of others, their ways of working and communicating.

So what happens when you are truly authentic?

With your most brilliant individual self, comes brilliance and shine. With authenticity comes ease and power. Who would not be drawn to an individual that shines a natural strength and energy? I just know immediately that someone is being their authentic self and there is nothing quite as alluring in a person than that. Authenticity in business can be reflected in everything you do: how you communicate, make connections, forge alliances, influence for results, co-operate in teams, leading your staff.

A lot of the work I do as an Executive coach is to work with an individual to recognise their own ideas and personal style of getting things done. I have seen the look of relief on my clients faces to be affirmed in them self and validated for who they are and what they want to achieve. It’s so much easier to succeed and take the next bold steps in your career when you are like this.

It’s your individuality that makes you different in business. Why copy everybody else?

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2 Responses to Being Authentic in Business

  1. Great post Rachel, I believe that when you are your authentic self things just flow as they should as you aren’t wasting precious energy trying to be something you are not, or trying to fit in to a mould that just isn’t you.

    Authenticity isn’t something you can copy!

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your comments Mel. I agree with you, it does take up too much energy and concentration to be something you are not. It does however take a degree of confidence to be yourself but the results are truly rewarding.

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