Develop your Ideal Career Image

During the holiday season it’s amazing how even a few days break away from the office environment gives you time to think. A few days into the New Year, have you been reflecting on how happy you are with your career right now and plan’s ahead? Have you got a clear vision of where you want to be?

If you are at all unclear when answering these questions, it’s worth spending a little time focusing. Develop the image like a photographic negative in a dark room and watch as the image appears and becomes clearer as your focus on it.

I have been training recently with Wendy Sullivan who co-authored: Clean Language Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds based on the work by counselling psychologist David Grove. Using clean questions helps develop your own images and brings your desires into a clearer focus. Exploring metaphors allow us to access the hidden unconscious mind.

In the following exercise you will be ask to think about a metaphor for the career you would like to experience. This could be for example ‘an exciting rollercoaster ride’ or ‘building a house with strong foundations’. Go with whatever metaphor comes to mind.

With a clean sheet of paper, write out the answers to the following questions. Fill in the blanks in the questions below with your answers.

What is your metaphor for the career you’d like to experience?

Then focusing on part of your answer that gives you the most interest, ask any one of the following questions and keep asking them to explore your metaphor:

What kind of _ is that _?

Is there anything else about _?

And where is _? Or whereabouts is _?

And does _ have a size or shape?

Keep exploring different parts of your metaphor. Don’t forget to focus on where you are within the metaphor.

Shaping and spending some time on your goals is important. Do not worry immediately about how you are going to get there. When you are clear on your goals the steps appear because your mind is focused.

How do you feel now you have created such a vivid image? I am sure you will have a new feeling and energy that you were not aware of before. What does it want to make you do? Keep developing your image over the next few days and get to know which bits excite and inspire you most.

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