FD in the Making™ helps Accountants to accelerate their careers to reach FD

Many accountancy and finance professionals are frustrated by the pace of career development and the time it takes to secure the next role. They are not sure what to do differently. Making it to Finance Director seems to be long time away.
FD in the Making™ is here for Finance Managers and Accountants working in corporations and large organisations that have the ability but are not clear how to make rapid progress.

  • Are you working in a business that values you, but lacks the time and resources to really support and accelerate your development?
  • Are you working hard and putting in the hours but not seeing the benefits?
  • Are you tired of seeing your colleagues secure higher positions that were not offered to you?

As a FD in the Making™ you have great experience, invested a lot of time of building your skills and believe that you have the talent and ambition to make it to the top. However, you have not yet achieved your goals and are unsure how to make the next step.

FD in the Making™ has been created specifically with you in mind. FD in the Making™ offers mentoring and coaching programmes designed to build your essential leadership and ‘soft skills’ that will accelerate your career. If you are in a hurry and want results now or stepping up into a new role, the 100 Day Step Up™ is the programme for you.

FD in the Making™ is based on years of experience and knowing how to succeed in the corporate environment. Using insights from the leaders of multinational businesses. Experience applied when working with ambitious Finance professionals just like you.

I have seen results that have had a dramatic impact on my working career” Finance Manager, Fortune 100 Company